Video: Cog Ka’ron – Public Enemy 2015

Video: Cog Ka'ron - Public Enemy 2015
Video: Cog Ka’ron – Public Enemy 2015

Conceived by a teenage mother Ka’Ron had to cope with the absence of his father early losing him to gun violence before he was even old enough to take his first steps. he would instantly become very close and have a unbreakable bond with his grandmother as her first grandchild.  Residing in Shreveport, La a city small in population but known for its night life Casinos, High-Powered Club atmosphere with a superb selection of seafood establishments that will even curb your appetite at the peak of sunrise.  Since a child his imagination was titanic, very quiet and isolated to himself music and sports were essentially voids to fill his emptiness and an outlet to make a impact on the world he felt his father did not have the chance to do.

Force to relocate to a new environment as a adolescence, his mother married off and husband had been blessed with more promising opportunities in Houston Tx. With also a new sibling in the picture and a whole new lifestyle Ka’Ron would become a real student of the game with approaching high school on the North Side of “H-Town” he would soon find a core of young men with the same passion and drive he had to become legendary by his 11th grade yr they would for a trio under the moniker “Platinum Status Superstars.”

Before the internet wave and generation they made a name for themselves the old fashion way neighborhoods, clubs, campuses, even opened up for different marque Artist on regional tours.
A few years later after building their brand Ka’ron was forced to leave the group due to family issues which included unexpected death and the constant strain of a up and down relationship with him and is mother.
In Ka’Ron early 20s he would take matters into his own hands and made up in his mind to do it his way and his way only.  A young Mogul in the making he would turn to the streets for rapid finances as the only legitimate way to become his own Boss and put others on so he formed

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