I have pretty much determined, this is the number one concern for many of my clients. I can’t count how many times I have heard them say, “Please do something about this under eye darkness!” They are always shocked when I turn them around in that mirror and BAM!  just like that, the darkness is GONE!! My secret is simple and I’m going to share it with all of you. This secret is something that most people would pay for, but not my BEAUTY BOMBSHELLS. I can’t have y’all walking around bothered by something that can be corrected for under $6. Yes! $6!! Want to know how to do this?  Keep Reading….


Most people think concealer is the end all be all to correcting darkness. They could not be more WRONG. Its’ all about the basics of color theory. I won’t bore you or confuse you with color theory, but I will make it extremely simple for you. If you have dark under eye circles (which usually have a blue undertone) and you apply a concealer or your foundation on top of the darkness (usually with a yellow undertone) what do you think will happen? Well let’s break it down to 3rd grade. Yellow + Blue = GREEN. GET IT?! So now you know why the darkness still appears even through the foundation. If you have a deeper completion, you would use a deeper orange, if you are more fair, you would use a fair orange = peach.  Can we fix it? Of course! Here’s how.


So as we stated earlier instead of covering the darkness, we need to CORRECT it. Back to the color theory.

chrissy woods, under eye darkness

In order to correct a color, you must CANCEL the color. The picture above shows the color wheel (from the Theory of Color). So to break it down. We have under eye darkness (blue undertone), what cancels out blue? Look directly across from blue and you see …. ORANGE! Therefore we need something orange to cancel or correct the darkness. Sounds crazy, but let me tell you this is a tip that you should be paying for! It’s just that good!


Orange correctors can be found in many places. Here are a few of my favorites that are inexpensive and can be delivered directly to your home in no time! Correcting darkness is great for those late nights that don’t need to show on the next day.


NYX Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer $5.87



LA Girl Pro Concealer – Orange $5.26


Hope this helps!




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