Last Sunday, GA’s hottest location for all things art, ARTlanta delivered ARTista 2. The scene at ARTista’s annual showcases hold a distinct harmonious vibe. Among contagious dancing and laughter find ARTlanta Gallery’s walls seeping creativity. Curated by Nikia Knight, ARTista specifically highlights women artists with talents that cover multiple mediums. Selected per entry, lady creatives and artworks chosen were:

Rice The Artist: “Positive Thinking


Shon Pittman, previewing her series on symbiosis


Live painting was the bold and trippy Indigo Jones. The Makeda empowered with her statement pieces “The Circus is Closed“. Accompanying the vibrance was an enormous appreciation of individuality and fashion. The bar stood immediately near lady DJ Milhouse who kept everyone moving, mixing genres of pop and hip hop. As for culinary arts, ARTlanta offered the well-known Grilled Cheese Papi. There, too, was seafood and barbecue chicken available to satiate any palate. Gallery owner Tyree Smith, and Nikia Knight put on an amazing free event. ARTista is an annual must-see. ARTlanta Gallery has remained constant on its objective to be an outlet for creatives that refuses to designate boundaries. All who appreciate expression and wish to support should enter their artwork for future events or support by attending their multitude of events. For additional details or information, follow ARTlanta Gallery asap!!

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