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F. NittiAt 15 years old, Decatur, Ga. raised veteran Donnell “F. Nitti” Williams sang tenor in the youth choir for 3 years and a musical sensation was created. Learning harmonies, major and minor keys for back-up, and doing a few solos, he continued to follow what he had learned to love. Nitti is becoming a highly reputable hip hop artist and a major competitor in the music industry signed under his own management.

His first official introduction into the hip-hop world all began when he linked up with his cousin Kelvin “KP” Perryman for his assistance with the project “Two Weeks Notice” album debut. With flawless raw spittin’ and crazy subjects, KP called upon fellow MC know as F. NITTI to . “ANN BO LYNN”, a track speaking on the “Git-Rich-Quick-Chic” eyeballing every baller in her path to satisfy her fetishes and shortcomings. Nitti performed vocals and a few missing adlibs.

The first single from the highly anticipated mixtape/album “Decatur to the Grave” Series 1 entitled “What You Do To Me” is an upbeat infectious sound to most modern southern hip-hop artist, featuring the vocals of C.Brianna. With his Twista-like feel, and A-K 47 rapid fire flow, seasoned behind a feminine feline’s angelic voice, allows this track to be top rated by record industry executives.

His follow-up single, “Git Loose Wit It” and “Sweet-Tooth” are chart toppers as well. Tracks such as these have gained the interest of Sony Music top A&R, Khao (@khaomusic). and partner in shine “ChecM8”, which a partnership via E-Mans Angels Management Co..This union has begun the wrath of an artist on the rise. Diversity is a major factor in Nitti’s  re-birth and has shown many non-believers that he can stand the heat, and fight back with fire…verbally speaking.

Another single, “Turn You On” features a taste of Atlanta’s own R&B group,Silk, crooning very detailed lyrics of passion.

“Being diverse and taking your skill to the next {level} is what drives me to be different.”, says Nitti. “I’m the type of artist that would rap about anything because my humor, sarcasm, and realism take over a song.” Well, let’s see what he has in store for us. With the scheduled release of “Decatur to the Grave: Series 1” which includes appearances by Gangsta Boo, Future, Archie Eversole, SKG, Slice 9, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, Raheem Devaughn, Shawty Lo, and more,

Nitti has topped the charts of ReverbNation and is holding strong in the top 10, accumulated more than 70,000+ plays on Soundcloud, 3,000+ streams via Spotify, and over 300,000 views on Youtube. Needless to say, he’s definitely on the rise and here to stay.

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