“The sacrifice is worth it that’s why I write these verses.  I changed the man in the mirror cause I ain’t like the person”. -Alonzo Fury

Although just recently ascending into his career, Hip Hop artist and producer Alonzo Fury has secured a magnitude of fans throughout the East Coast and internationally.  In his latest single “That’s The Way Life Goes”, Fury demonstrates that undeniable stamped New York Hip Hop.  The symmetry between the emotion of his solid, irrefutable bars and production are perfectly aligned. Fury imposes strength and change as weapons to rise out of the gutter, turn cold nights into warm nights, and evolve from one meal a day to multiple three course meals.  It is refreshing to hear music that delivers a message to encourage, motivate, and alter a hopeless state of mind.  Stay tuned for Alonzo Fury’s forthcoming album titled “Art Of Survival”.


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