Louisiana rapper Will Wes cleverly and fittingly cultivated his own brand moniker of hip-hop known as trap/pop. While he wears ear gauges and has visible tattoos scribbled across his face and neck, it’s his extreme musical dexterity to switch between tones and genres with seamless precision that makes him a star stand out.

On the chill yet upbeat single “Call It All,” which has the power to resonate with diverse audiences, Will sets the bar high for the rest of the emerging rap set. The record is bouncy with snappy rhythms that create a mood through the lyrics and production making it a certified classic. The accompanying video for the track further displays what a truly unique talent Will is being that he is both artistic and entertaining. It shows off his chameleonic versatility, raw energy and punk swagger. “Call It All,” reveals an artist on the verge of career greatness who’s swiftly transitioning from underdog to unstoppable.

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