Feature: Three of Sophie Shad’s funniest videos

Sophie Shad is a star on the ascendant; one of the best new comedians that the UK has to offer. Her YouTube channel, ShadCom, has racked up thousands of views despite launching just a few short months ago, at the beginning of 2018.

She’s no stranger to fame, making her first appearance in a touring production of Showboat aged just eight, and following it up with a stint in long-running musical Les Miserables. She’s also appeared in Grange Hill and several adverts and commercials, though this is her first foray into the world of comedy.

Her unique brand of current commentary and comedy has proved a hit with fans, with one video racking up an impressive 47,000 views. We’ve picked out three of her best videos below:

Choir girl – Ganja Farmer

Shad’s series of videos in which she plays the character of an innocent choir girl covering less-than-innocent songs is a hilarious juxtaposition. This version of ‘Ganja Farmer’ by Marlon Asher is a classic of the genre!

Karol the Singer

Sophie’s character Karol the Singer is an irate pub singer with a chip on her shoulder – and Sophie’s accent and well-observed mannerisms are what really make this sketch.

Brexit diaries

Sophie’s Brexit Diaries series of sketches are opportune, capitalising on the current zeitgeist and making fun of a serious issue. It’s a funny – if not a little depressing – look at how some might feel about Brexit.

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