Vince the Prince enlists the help of some powerful good vibes and sinister musicality in this wave of sonic enjoyment, “There He Goes”

Vince’s lyrical dexterity shows it’s face while the smooth jazzy-influenced beat takes us to a place where Vince wants us to be. A foreshadowing of his soon to come EP, “Sunglasses at Night”, this one should catch more than a few eyes and ears.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Vince got a wrap around his talent for wordplay and musicianship through performing at open mics and jamming local shows throughout the state…garnering acclaim from his peers and crafting a brand of artistry that stands to rival the most notable of underground and mainstream talent. A refreshingly innovative and lyrically dynamic artist and songwriter, Vince engineers an original flavor that may prove difficult to imitate by the masses. Citing soft influences from wide-ranging sources such as Outkast, The Beatles and Lil Wayne; he’s consistently pioneering a genuinely novel sound while still invoking elements of his beloved hip-hop format.

“I don’t want to be confined to a genre, label, niche or anything like that. I’m simply promoting a feeling, that’s what I feel real music and spreading good vibes is really about”

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