The hustle does not seem to be easing up for Antonio Breez with the release of not just one, but TWO singles today. AB’s audience has always been spoiled. After dropping 25 music videos this year, consistency has been Antonio’s niche. The double release is certainly a surprise to his fans following Antonio’s announcement earlier this week that he would not be releasing his highly anticipated LP “The Migration Narrative 2” , but instead he would continue to release singles . Without giving fans time to mourn AB hit them with fresh new content. Two singles in one day is quite an impressive load.

“Gravy” directed by AB’s longtime sidekick is an edgy , New York City basquiat themed freestyle video. The more lyrical of the two videos, it features crazy and exciting word play that showcases Breez’ lyrical brutality with lines such as “ Broke B**** had to leave her a loan just to pay attention “ or “ weed in your hand that’s palm trees , that’s what you call paradise .”

“Beautiful” directed by AB’s new videographer Pen Pushas , is the softer of the two singles. Breez shares a story of heartbreak over a classic sample of Toni Braxton’s “ The Heat” by Kazi did it.

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