Rusty Grand blends inspirational lyrics with groovy sounds
on new mixtape ‘Traffic Music’

ST. HELENA ISLAND, SC – A long time ago when Rusty Grand was just a child, his mother would punish him for bad grades by making him stay in his room with no TV or video games. All he could do to pass the time was listen to the radio. Little did she know that this plant seeds in a young boy’s life that would one day grow into a full-fledged music career.

Today, Rusty Grand is a fast-rising hip-hop artist whose unique blend of styles and sounds makes him one of the musicians to pay attention to. After a four-year stint with the U.S. Army, Rusty Grand is about to finish his bachelor’s degree at Full Sail University for recording arts and entertainment business, and he’s announcing himself to the world with new music releases. His most recent project is a mixtape called “Traffic Music” that he’s releasing free to the world in early January 2019.

“It’s a motivational tape for everyone,” he said. “It’s the kind of project that makes you want to get up in the morning and go make something of your life. If you get aggravated while you’re driving in traffic, you can put this in and get your focus on. It’s the kind of project that makes you feel better about yourself instead of tearing you down. People today feel like they don’t have any hope left, and I want to help people in the world to make changes in their lives.”

Rusty said he named the project “Traffic Music” as a nod to that motivational idea of getting people to become better and do what they have to do to get ahead. It features his unique sound and style, which is something he’s been working on for the better part of the past decade. At age 15 he saved up enough money to purchase his first recording equipment, and he hasn’t looked back since. And along the way he’s learned that while he’s musically gifted, his true art comes in the whole process of being an entertainer. That’s why he launched his company Too Much Entertainment Studios – with aspirations of signing other artists, creating films, producing events and making a big splash through all mediums of the entertainment industry.

“Ever since the age of 13, I have been working toward getting into the entertainment industry – not just being involved with music but the many aspects of entertainment,” he said. “Music has always been my main niche to where I thought I could actually get in the door somewhere, but my main goal is to gain enough knowledge to create a pocket in the industry to actually help people – like Gucci Mane or even Jimmy Iovine. I just do what I love, have fun, and help the world where it’s needed.”

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