I just came across this video on Facebook a few moments ago. Although the incident appears to have happened in August 2018, it appears there hasn’t been much attention given to this obvious issue. Unfortunately my home state of Kentucky, is not just widely known for the derby and Bluegrass, we’re also well known for our bigotry. Excuse me let me correct that, they’re bigotry. The Kentucky police departments are the biggest joke in the country. None of the officers are properly trained, and incidents like the one below happen on a daily basis it’s just never recorded. In the video recorded below, you’ll see the Louisville Police Department pulling over an innocent young black man for a traffic “violation”. They proceed to tell the boy to get out of the vehicle for absolutely no reason at all. They searched him and put him in cuffs FOR NO REASON AT ALL. More importantly, pay attention to how many nebula to have the cop is trying to be. They really do think we are idiots.

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