Blog: The DO'S & DON'TS of Making It on the Net as a New Artist

Written by Tasha.

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- written by Daytona Xclusive

These days everybody want’s to be a artist so i figured i’d give ya’ll some tips. First and foremost if you feel like you’re too good to read this you’re already doing something wrong because if you actually were you would be too busy to even be reading this so sit your ass down and take some notes.

  • Don’t bombard people with your music. It’s annoying! Posting your stuff on peoples walls and in peoples mentions and ask boxes is hands down the worst tactic there is, no one takes you seriously and probably never will for that matter. People don’t like to be forced to do anything let alone listen to some random persons music. Not gonna happen.

  • Make your own music! Getting on other peoples beats is fine but if you aren’t gonna do it justice, do better or just do your own thing it’s a waste of time. There’s too many youtube singers/rappers out there getting on the same beats as you. If J. Cole or some random kid gets on a Nas beat who’s gonna get listened too? Obviously J. Cole.. you can’t do things like this until you have a following and people have the hunger to hear you on pretty much anything. Also getting on the most poppin song out at the moment is corny as fuck. Don’t boast about having thousands of youtube views if you got on a drake song, you simply have those views cuz its a drake song. Nothing to do with you.. The point of being a musician is to be musical, and creative and different so use original beats and think out the box. Never do something because your favorite artist got rich off it.

  • Beef. A unknown rapper beefing with another unknown rapper or any rapper for that matter is CORNY AS HELL. Nobody gives a fuck and almost no one will take your side. You just seem like a hater. Have fun, enjoy music and make good shit! Never worry bout the next man. Just do you.

  • This is for the singers out there. Now that we have artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd any vocally talented person should know they have to step it up. Making a radio friendly R&B song that Trey Songz would have done in 05 isn’t gonna get you anywhere now. Not many people have the ability to sing so take advantage of it. Corny love songs over a sparkly R&B beat won’t get you any love these days. Abuse your talents. Amaze the people. Show emotion, don’t got for that “hit”

  • This goes for female and sometimes male artists. This is kind of a cheat code actually. In case you guys never noticed whenever a good female artist remakes a popular male artists song it goes viral almost every time no matter who the chick is as long as shes good. This is the  only time i’d suggest getting on someone elses beat. A girl version of any male song is usually sought after so do one! People will love it and  the same for males. Flipping a girl song to a males perspective will def be appreciated and liked. Get creative with it and do your thing. This is a easy way to get your name out there.

  • This one is very important! DON’T BE THIRST TO GET SIGNED!!! I mean forreal if you build up a great following you will definitively make money off your music. Going straight to a label deprives you of the experience. Getting known off of things you made 100% by yourself is a great feeling! And doing shows and selling your stuff is the coolest thing there is and at some point a label will see your movement and respect you. Yeah some will bamboozle you and take advantage but others may see what your worth and give you what you’re looking for. Whether you go indie or major is on you. I can’t suggest unless i knew what kind of music you made.

  • Get in good with the blogs! Great relationships with the top internet blogs will take you far, its like being on MTV or BET on the internet which will eventually get you on MTV or BET. Play it cool and don’t bother them. Just impress.

  • Take great photos and have impressive artwork. Corny covers and camera phone pics don;t give you a great look. A few creative photo shoots and a dope artwork game will keep you around for a very long time. If people never heard of you your art may catch their eye and gain  you another fan. Don’t copy anyone else’s ever.

  • Have your own style. I’m not saying have a gimmick but just don’t dress like someone else. If you dress exactly like Big Sean i won’t fuck witchu. That is Big Sean’s steez not yours. If you have your own look and sound super stardom ain’t so far away if they are any good. Keep it  simple but cool.

  • Arrogance. Saying you’re better than the hottest artists out is just well… ignorant. Don’t do it and that is all i will say.

  • Have a movement, I don’t suggest this to everyone but if you have a movement go with it. If it’s original and well put together people will follow and your team will be strong. It’s basically like having free promotion and it’ll put you in a place where you can eventually put out other artist’s yourself.

  • Be confident but not cocky. Numbers don’t really mean shit. You can have 100k facebook fans and still be trash so watch your attitude.

  • Tumblr and Twitter are helpful social tools. Abuse them!

  • Videos are a must! People pay more attention to the music that way, may even get you a buzz too. Just look at the last few artists to pop!

  • Be yourself and believe in your plan. Don’t follow anyone elses formula. It don’t always work.

  • And basically just have good music and great quality. If the song is good but your vocals sound like crap you’re wasting your time. Have good equipment and great mixing. Present all your projects as if you’re already a star. Originality is also key, naked women cars and chains are not creative its stupid and just unnecessary flash.


Well hopefully my tips will help you. Just observations and ideas of mine. Do what you do cuz you love it, not cuz of the money or fame. That’s just pointless. I know i left some out but hey. I can’t give it all away :)



0 #3 2013-03-23 17:29
Thanks for writing this.
-1 #2 2012-01-02 15:45
How important is the original idea producer/branding- when crediting in terms of marketing, advertisement,s yndication and interest etc?

If not deemed important, how does this relate to a consumer who more appreciates creative authenticity? By which means sustaining this product and the longevity- if this be the aim?
0 #1 2012-01-02 15:33
How important do you think the original idea executed by the idea producer/ branding- should receive the credit in terms of eventual marketing, advertisement, syndication and interest etc?

If not deemed important, then how would this relate to a consumer who values artistic authenticity in sustaining a product-or any longevity? If that is the aim..

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