Blog: The Truth About Email Blasts

Written by Tasha.

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Earlier in the 2000’s e-blasts used to be the way to go. They were vital in spreading the word about events or promoting music projects.  Now days, they’re just not as effective as they once were.  That’s a fact.

80% of the email blasts that are sent to DJs or us bloggers get deleted, especially if they’re from a internet marketing company.  Let’s face it; we get so many emails on a daily basis and that shits just annoying.  If it’s not from a direct FAMILIAR or reputable industry contact, it’s probably gonna get deleted or marked as spam.

Also, beware of these companies that say they have all these contacts. “Our blasts go out to over 300,000 emails”.  Yeah right.  Think about it; that’s a lot of emails. Who has that much time to compile THAT many email addresses?  If they even have a fraction of that, most of them get returned or go to dummy addresses.  Be smart, artists!  These days it’s just not wise to invest money in an email blast service.  If you’re going to pay someone to send a blast out, choose a reliable company that has a smaller list of recipients that are familiar with the sender.  It's much more effective to have your email go out to a few hundred or thousand people who will actually open it, rather than a huge list of randoms that don't give a damn about what you're promoting. Also, all of the extra décor in blasts are unnecessary.  A nice, clean, short and to the point email is all that’s needed, and guess what? You can really do that yourself.



0 #2 2012-11-16 13:07
I do remember the days of email blasting and how that was what we did to invite people to events, or share news with our large family. Now...not so much.
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