Blog: Why Every Artist Needs a Website

Written by Tasha.

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A few years ago it was enough to have a MySpace or ReverbNation page, but in 2012 that’s just not gonna cut it anymore.  You need to own a domain name and a fully equipped website if you want to be taken seriously. Why? Simple, let me break it down.

If you haven’t noticed by now, everything is digital, especially music.  Years ago labels and companies wanted to see a physical press kit for each artist to get more familiar with them.  You had to present physical copies of mixtapes/albums or singles, portfolios and all. Now that we're in the "digital era", everything is internet driven. Physical presence will always be necessary, but internet presence trumps all. 

Your website is basically your press kit. It tells everything and visually shows what everyone needs to know. Your bio, music, videos, show dates, contact/booking info, etc. can all be found on your website. That's pretty much a press kit, right? Right. 

So with that said, invest in yourself. Buy your domain name (which only costs $10, if that), find a hosting service, and a designer. And PLEASE...get your site PROFESSIONALLY done. Keep in mind that everything you put out is a representation of you and your brand, so it needs to look good. 

If any of you have any questions pertaining to how to set up your site, or need advice, please email me. 



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