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Although I frequently inform everyone on how to appropriately submit material to my blog, recently the submissions seem to be getting out of hand and my inbox gets flooded on a daily basis with material that I can't consider due to missing elements or info. So, I'll lay it out for everyone so that there won't be any excuses. Follow the guidelines, and if it's decent material, it'll get posted.

  1. Put the ARTIST NAME and SONG/VIDEO/MIXTAPE submission title in the subject line.
  2. If submitting a song, attach the track in MP3 FORMAT ONLY. (Including a download link helps speed up the process too)
  3. If submitting a video or mixtape, include the DIRECT LINK. No redirects or embed links, please.
  4. Please attach a PROFESSIONAL picture along with submission.
  5. If you are submitting for the first time, or if I'm not familiar with you, please include a short bio or description of the artist. (location, style of music, recent or upcoming projects, etc.)
  6. Finally, submit all material to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This is the ONLY email for submissions. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or other forms of contact submissions will be ignored.



0 #3 2013-06-22 00:12
Title: “Come Over”
Artists: Valentino ft Valentina
Directed by: Dominique Bell-Burney
Filmed by: Visuals by Zuria
Produced by: J Kill
Location: Chicago Good Energy Studio

The 1st Official Video from Valentino ft Valentina is an instant classic!!! Not just because it’s a remake of the late great Aaliyah’s “Come Over”, but It reminds us that hip hop can be grown up, sexy, and classy at the same damn time! It’s the video to accompany their 1st single from their HIGHLY anticipated album Valentino Vs Valentina dropping early August! Thanks for taking the time to listen and post to your blog!

Video Link


@Valentinoudig @visualsbyzuria @dominiquelexen t @juicy_fluid3

Lex Recs
0 #2 2013-03-30 12:22
This was mad helpful. I didn't see this until after my video submission but I followed all of the guidelines (except the professional picture). But, I did include a picture so hopefully I'll make the cut.
0 #1 2012-06-30 20:35 FROM THE "BEST OF BOTH WORLDS" ALBUM American based Nigerian entertainer Lee "aka" Mr. Flint (Lee Majorz) or as he was introduced on his new single
"Bami jo" the "Nigerian Diddy" is one of the few stars shining from Africa who
Represent the physically challenged. This star is confined to a wheelchair due to
a motor vehicle accident in the late 90s.

Before his accident Mr.Flint was just building his studio and getting all his artists
Together. As a rehabilitation Mr. Flint found skydiving and skiing as a form of
Being free but really missed the music.

After a couple of movies and cameos under his belt Mr.Flint decided to return to
Music his first love. That smooth Nigerian hip hop sound mixed with American
And African producers "The Best Of Both Worlds" is the first taste of Nigerias
Newest and probably one of the most influential entertainers to come out from

Mr.Flint is here. "The Best Of Both Worlds is a mix-
Ture of American and African flavors with a production team of Mr. Flint, Sound Sultan, Lil prince ameen
Dennis Mitchell and Steev Awston Industries and Skill P The first single off the album is
Called "Bami Jo"featuring Edrino the Don (a longtime friend and fellow musician)

9ja Diddy has a foundation for the handicapped
And represents the disabled and the Nigerians. Being American based and going back
And forth to Nigeria. He is really bringing you "The Best Of Both worlds".

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