Let The Bidding Wars Begin! T.I. Is a Free Agent; Looking For $75 Million Record Deal

Written by Tasha.

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Well, looks like T.I.'s contract with Atlantic is up and he's looking for a big payout in his next deal. He is now taking meetings with different labels in hopes of securing a mega deal worth $75 million.

The deal that T.I. is supposedly looking for will consist of 3 solo albums. He also wants a 10 to 20 percent cut of all publishing, merchandise, touring, film and TV rights, and endorsement deals. The label would also have to commit to signing every artist Tip has or will bring into the Grand Hustle fold.

Word is Tip has already taken meetings with Dr. Dre and Jay-Z, who are both interested in bringing him to their respective labels, Interscope and Roc Nation. A bidding war may start because Sony Music has already offered T.I. $50 million and Universal is speculated to be making an offer sometime in the near future.


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