Interview: ScHoolBoy Q - Talks West Coast Movement, Fake Unity and More

Written by Tasha.


Setbacks dropped earlier this year, but it was hands down one of the most underrated albums this year. LA native, ScHoolBoy Q caught my attention with this release, so I had to chop it up with him.  During our interview, he talked about the west coast movement and expressed his opinions on how fake it can be around there. He also spoke on which west coast artists he rocks with, and what you can expect to hear from him. Shoutout to them TDE boys.

Interview: Rittz - Talks Linking W/Yelawolf, His White Jesus Nickname and More

Written by Tasha.


I got the chance to talk with one of my favorite up and coming rappers, Rittz a few days ago. Based on his appearance, you might not think it, but dude is a certified spitter. Rittz hails from Atlanta, GA and has a sound that is unmatched in his area. We talked about that and his musical influences, as well as how the nickname "White Jesus" came about.  We also discussed his journey in music and how he linked with Yelawolf.

Rittz on Twitter: @TheRealRITTZ

Interview: Charlamagne tha God Talks Yelawolf, TV Deal and More (Part 2)

Written by Tasha.

As ya'll already know, Randy and I interviewed Charlamagne for our State of SC Hip Hop series. The first part you heard was generally about the Carolina hip hop scene, but in this portion we also had to ask him about the comments he made about Yelawolf a little while back. As you may recall, Charlamagne was very vocal about his dislike for Yelawolf, which didn't sit too well with Yela's producer, Will Power, who's also a South Carolina native. Charla went on to talk about the power of the internet and how it's helped him and his fellow Breakfast Club members.  He also says that he just inked a new deal with a TV network that he'll be revealing the details about soon, and towards the end, offers advice to upcoming artists and stresses the importance of working the blogs and internet.

Interview: Yung Rome

Written by Tasha.


Yung Rome is an upcoming artist out of Charleston, SC who's been making some noise lately. I spoke with him about his music, the Charleston hip hop scene, and he broke down the origination of the Geechee culture. I also asked him what he thinks about Rick Ross's recent references to Geechee.

Also check out Rome's latest track, "Drinks in the Air"