Blog: Hip Hop & Snapbacks

Written by Tasha.


Snapbacks have always been a large part of the hip hop and rap scene- Tyga and Chris Brown’s  recent ‘Snapbacks back’ references them throughout the lyrics and was trying to bring the caps back from a drop in popularity. They aren’t the only ones to sing about caps; Driicky Graham has in “Snapbacks and Tattoos” as well. They’re a big element in the culture-not many would argue that they can’t help to complete the ‘image’ as it were of the players in the industry.

There are plenty of different logos and styles for Snapback Caps by now-at first it was only the major basketball teams that had them, but since hip-hop brought them into the fold there are thousands of varieties. According to American Needle, it used to mainly be their designs that were used in the 80’s and early 90’s in sports as well as hip-hop, although this is unverified-there is some controversy over who is the ‘original’ inventor of the caps with some claiming they were making them at the beginning of the 20th century.

N.W.A, Tupac and Will Smith between them are mostly identified with really bringing snapbacks in (Will Smith with ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ as well as his rapping) with music videos and album covers often featuring them  and Tupac wearing one in “Poetic Justice” in 1993. They’re promoted via billboards and other advertising as well of course, but arguably it’s the influence of the main names in hip-hop and rap (as well as sports, such as with Michael Jordan) that have had the most impact. Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z and Big Sean have continued the snapback wearing trend in recent years, and the caps are still going strong.


Poker Fashion: Eyewear Suggestions

Written by Tasha.

Poker Fashion

I’ve recently become fascinated with watch poker on ESPN.  In watching, I was amazed at how stone-faced the opponents are consistently throughout the entire game.  I realized though that the primary reason why it’s so easy for them to hide their facial emotions is because most of them wear shades.  Understandable, but I wish they would be a bit more stylish with their choices.  I’m not expecting the players to look “runway ready”, but adjusting something as minor as eyewear would be an upgrade. The average poker player wears these basic glasses:


Ugh, boring! I do realize that poker isn’t the most “fashionable” event, but I think they could add a few updated items to spruce up their looks.  Here’s a few of my suggestions:

Burberry BE 4091


Urban Eye’s (basic glasses that range from $15-$50)




Some stylish glasses would definitely be helpful to the world of poker fashion, and won’t break pockets in the process.


The View: Vintage Frames Company

Written by Chloe Gabanna.

Idk about you guys, but I LOVE SHADES ! (pause) Let me rephrase that....I LOVE GLASSES !!! ·All kinds ! Round, square, aviator, cat-eye, clear lenses (I think you get my drift) Anyway.... you ever wonder where the stars get some of their hottest frames? ·I've got the answer for you right here. Vintage Frame Company!!!! ·For 4 years now they've been the global leader in vintage sunglass sales. ·This Montreal, Canada based company specializes in ORIGINAL unworn 50's to 80's brand name glasses. ·These are some of the fav specs of Ms. Amber Rose, Pharell, and Mac Miller, and when I say they go HARD I mean it with all sincerity. ·Ranging in price from $129-$899 and in colors ranging from Transparent to Turquoise I believe you could buy a pair for every outfit in your closet. ·This is a unisex post so jump on it guys....They're Fuckin HOTT!!!!



Vintage-Christian-Roth-8500-12-Sunglasses.249.99Vintage Christian Roth 8500

Vintage-Paloma-Picasso-3705-50-Sunglasses.299.99Vintage Paloma Picasso 3750

Check out the site link for the prices and more dope ass frames....step your eye game up!! -Chloe'


The SUPER Give Back for Fashion: FEED-TOMS

Written by Chloe Gabanna.

Hey guys it seems like I've been missing for a while, but now I'm back and full of Fashion for you.  I figured I'd bring it back with an article on super philanthropy from the Fashion World!!!  TOMS's Blake Mycoskie and FEED Projects' Lauren Bush, team up with the limited edition FEED 12 TOM's Classic launched TODAY April 1st. Priced at $58 for Men and $34 for Women and Toddlers, the shoes are have the traditional FEED stamp and are made of burlap.  Here's the best part!!  EVERY pair purchased pyas for 12 school meals and a new pair of shoes for one child. Check out or to grab u a piar.  They are LIMITED so when they're gone they're gone.  



Right Or Raggedy ? MTV VMA Edition

Written by Chloe Gabanna.

The VMA's were last night at the Nokia Theater in L.A. ·As usual it was full of music and fashion (which was the highlight for me) some dressed up, but for most stars it's a chance to ditch the gowns and tuxes and be a little more chill (for some, that's code for bizarre) with their fashion choices. ·Let's take a look shall we?!?


Let's start with Mrs. Jigga (Beyonce') in her gorgeous one-shoulder wrap dress from Lavin. ·I'm sooo loving the fire orange shade. ·She accessorised her look with an emerald ring, tassel earrings, and statement cuff, all from Lorraine Schwartz, and Rene Caovilla heels.···Her most talked about accessory,however, was her new baby bump as she announced to the world, "I have a surprise !" We're super excited for Bey and Jay and look forward to finding out the sex of the baby that's already famous.


Katy Perry showed up to the red carpet with hubby Russell Brand in an Asian Inspired Atelier Versace dress with Lorrain Schwartz jewels, Jimmy Choo heels, and pink hair. ·Idk about this look, it's a bit subtle from what we've seen from her in the past, but still random as hell. ·The mesh filled cut-outs and pink fuzz's a miss for me I'm afraid.


Sticking with the Asian Influence comes Nicki Minaj. ·Ummmmmm.....where do I start (I think that's the same question she asked herself when she got started with this buffoonery). ·Harajuku Barbie ????? More like Harajuku Vomit !!!!! ·I'm not sure what she was thinking, or if she was thinking at all. ·I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and just say she was high or got dressed in the dark. · She has on a vast plethora·of bullshit and called it an outfit. ·Here's the run-down....a surgical mask from Japanese designer Shojono Tomo, structured purple bodice, pink tutu, tights, cartoon socks, leg warmers, some shoes that looks like she stepped into a dead Fraggle, an ice-cream necklace, Salvation Army Toys *screams* OMFG I'm done....I just can't look at it anymore.· ·This Barbie is more like #Raggedy Anne·


Lil Justin Bieber and his Johnson (the snake guys....calm down, I'm no Roberta Kelly) He showed up in a Black YSL blazer, red skinny jeans, and cheetah print sneakers. ·The Biebs accessorised with black rimmed librarian glasses, gold chains with a gold skull charm, and a YSL pin. ·Nothing complexed, but just enough for the occasion. I give this a thumbs up !


Zoe Saldana (a fashion fav of mine) stepped out in a Barbara Bui mini dress with leather panels. ·An Ofira cuff, Lavin clutch, and Balenciaga snake skin shoes, achieved a simple super cool look. ·Chic, Fierce, and Elegant, she remains at the top of my best-dressed list once again. ·Good look Zoe !!


Kelly Rowland.....smh,we get it already, you're here got our attention with all this you have going on. ·Whoosits and Whatsits GALORE like the Little Mermaid. Obviously she hasn't gotten enough of the wardrobe malfunctions because she stuck her tits (just barely) into this random ass Falguni & Shane Peacock· random ass dress. ·IDK what's going on with this. ·It's just a lot. ·Feathers, leather, sequins, mesh, studs...... Anyway, she paired it with black studded Louboutin's and as if she needed more stuff on her body she added Bavna accessories. ·Too Much BS.


Next up we have Bieber's Boo Selena Gomez in a Black Julian Macdonald dress. ·I love the way it's made....the long in the back and short in the front hem line makes it dramatic and shows off her legs. It's not too old for the young starlett and just enough to give us a sense of growth in her life and career. ·