Yung Scott – Rockstar @youngscottmusic

Yung Scott is a musician located in Phoenix, Arizona. Striving to make a statement in Hip Hop, he has created very unique music, creative flows, and fire melodies. 5 Years ago, Scott had been playing the drums for quite some time and with his passion for computers, he decided to combine the two. Making beats for locals and selling some online, he started to invest in himself. He purchased his first microphone in hopes of one day living like a “Rockstar”. “Rockstar” is not about living like a rockstar, but…

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Domingo Payso – Tokyo

Domingo Payso

Domingo Payso is an aspiring artist from the west side of Phoenix, Arizona. However he now is currently residing live and direct in Tokyo. Domingo plans to fuse Japanese and American culture through Hip Hop. With that said, he immediately delivers a visual for the first single, “Tokyo”, off the upcoming “Yakisoba Boyz” mixtape planned to release this summer.

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Shag Lok – Lok’ed Out

Shag Lok

Shag Lok is an upcoming artist from the south side of Phoenix, Arizona. He has been working hard to further his career in the rap game all while raising a family and dealing with some legal issues. His unique style and sound is what separates himself from other artists in his city. With his name beginning to catch ablaze, he debuts a DIRECTEDXROMAN directed video for his hype anthem, “Lok’ed Out”. Tune your eyes into the video below, produced by Yung Svge.

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Slim Billions – 42 Bars

42 Bars

“42 Bars” is a visual introduction freestyle from Slim Billions’ upcoming EP, “Break the Bank”. This is just a small sample of what the project will consist of. Slim is a rising artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He’s been shocking the underground scene with a unique style and undeniable demeanor. Peep the Zion Mejia directed video for “42 Bars” right here.

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Video: Ra-sool – Stronger feat Naomi | @rasoolthealpha

The indie rapper known as Ra-Sool has released his new single, “Stronger,” feat. Naomi. The track has been proudly published on the Treyead Entertainment independent music label without the influence of the corporate music industry. Founded on a booming bass line, a rock-solid back beat and featuring brilliant vocals by Naomi, “Stronger” from Ra-Sool is a wake-up call for America shouted from the soul of the hip-hop underground.

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Video: Dre Polo – Charlie Sheen | @iamdrepolo

Video: Dre Polo – Charlie Sheen Dre Polo’s Bio: Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona Deandre Thompson also known as Dre Polo has always had a passion for music. At the age of 10 he wrote his first rap song. Now at age 24 years old with 4 albums under him, he is ready to share his craft with the world.

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