How to Apply False Lashes | Chrissy Woods

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Hey Bombshells!! So how many of you have always wanted to know how to apply those false lashes? Come on….be honest. Well today I have a step by step tutorial for you showing you EXACTLY how to do it. I even threw in a few of my TOP SECRET tips for you. You’ll be surprised at how easy, yet flattering a pair of lashes are for anyone, at any age, for any look! False lashes lift the eyes, they also provide volume and drama (if you so choose). Before you…

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SUMMER IN THE CITY WITH BELLETTO STUDIO Who doesn’t love a beautiful Summer Day? Summer time reminds me of care-free living with good hair days and awesome makeup. Photographer Rodney Gary and I worked with the lovely model Miyosha Streets displaying her natural hair and versatility with style and charisma. For the easy breezy makeup looks that you see on Miyosha, I was able to create them using my Belletto Airbrush System. This system is perfect for providing light weight coverage on a sunny day. To create this look, I used…

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My Top 7 Beauty Essentials

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Top 7 Beauty Essentials for Summer 2016 The Summer is in full bloom and I already have 7 items that are a STAPLE for me everyday. This is one of the hottest Summers that I can remember so far, therefore I have changed my beauty routine quite a bit. Check out my top 7 Beauty Essentials of 2016. Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Modern Renaissance Palette – This palette is perfect for Summer. It has so many warm colors to match every skin tone. You will be able to create a…

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How to Choose a Red Lipstick for Your Skintone

So let’s talk for a minute. Who in the world created the rule that black women (or women of color) should not wear red lipstick?I know you’ve heard it too. Seriously, like where did this come from? Color is Color no matter WHICH color is wearing it. Yeah I said it! There is a shade of red for EVERY WOMAN!I’m not saying that all shades of red look good on everyone, That’s a matter of opinion, but if you are asking my opinion, the answer would be, “NO.” Let me explain. Understanding…

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Go Meet Your Match: Choosing the right Foundation

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It’s not always easy trying to determine which type of foundation to wear. Liquid or Powder or Cream….it’s just flat out tons of options. Then once you finally decide on what kind to wear, now you have to determine your shade. I know, I know, this is SUPER FRUSTRATING. Trust me girl, I understand. I developed a FREE Webinar to help you better understand the basics of choosing the right foundation and the shade of foundation for you. Join me this SUNDAY, APRIL 3 @ 2PM EST. You must register to be…

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Get those BROWS in check!

Creating the Perfect Brow We all know there is no such thing as the perfect brow. I’ve said this on so many occasions, Funny, but so true. Eyebrow shaping is one of those things that depend on how you hold your mouth, what time the sun rose, and what day of the week it is….YUP, it’s just that RANDOM!  But the good news is, there are certain tools and techniques that you can use to assist you in shaping your brows.  I’ve said this on numerous occasions, your brows are…

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