Dayo – IDK


Dayo is an 18 year old rapper from Stockholm, Sweden. He provides new and young sound to music. His music i very versatile in some songs he gos all out with bars and another songs he just sings and makes it sound good. He has been rapping and singing his whole life because of his father who also happened to be a rapper when he was young. His new song, “IDK” is a very upbeat song. It makes you want to dance as well as make you think of yourself…

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John Jigg$ “French Quarter” Video Off The New “Twin Cannons” LP |@JiggsTheGreat

John Jigg$ releases “French Quarter” video off his new LP “Twin Cannons” produced entirely by Sweden’s own K Sluggah.  Although portrayed as cool, calm, and collected in character the message is quite the opposite.  Jigg$ is notorious  for depicting New York and isn’t discreet prevailing as a  street trooper in the realm of Hip Hop.   He continues to receive immense amounts of recognition as a viable artist in the Hip Hop industry by such legends as Kid Capri, Lord Finesse, and Grand Daddy IU. “Twin Cannons” is available now…

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John Jigg$ Releases Pivotal “Twin Cannons” LP With K Sluggah |@JiggsTheGreat @KSluggah

“70’s Blaxploitation films have always been my favorite genre to watch, so when myself and K-Sluggah started working together and the chemistry was undeniable the concept or direction was a no brainer. With that being said we present to you “Twin Cannons”, which is a metaphor for both of us being at the peak of creativity in our respective crafts”. -John Jigg$           Growing Hip Hop Icon from Long Island, NY, John Jigg$ is taking the music industry by storm with his brand new album “Twin Cannons.”   Jigg$ linked up…

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