September 30, 2022

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Acapella – “U’ve Changed” @acapellatnfac

Detroit artist and producer Acapella is currently working on his project, “One Shot Kill”, but in the meantime, he submits “U’ve Changed” for Tastemaker Tuesdays today, which he also produced. Check it out below.

Hit the jump to see what Wendy Day had to say about this post.

From Wendy:

I REALLY like this song. I can see it blowing up in the clubs and at radio. I like that he produces and raps. The funny thing is that labels always say they love artists that can rap and produce, and then the first thing they do when they sign them is get outside producers to make tracks for the album. Gotta love A & Rs!! Acapella made a great song here. My only critique is that it’s a little long for radio at 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Radio requires songs be closer to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. And while radio still has some value to selling music and spreading awareness quickly, radio still matters. There is no better way to reach millions of listeners, repeatedly, in specific markets.

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