(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Video: Plat Maravich feat. Smoove Quotes – Baby James @platmaravich

Sam Bershof is Plat Maravich, a Colorado native rapper. For his submission, he gives us the official video for his single “Baby James” featuring Smoove Quotes. Check it out.

Hit the jump to see what Wendy Day has to say about this post.

From Wendy Day:

What a clever video! I like videos that are a little different from the norm! I’m especially lovin’ the trumpet player…he’s got a great artsy look and really stands out. I like the song, but that’s a really costly sample in there for a relatively new artist. Also those soul train parts of the video will either cost money to use or will cause a copyright infringement takedown from YouTube–either one sucks! In general, whenever you use content that belongs to someone else (Soul Train in this example), you need to get permission to use it (which usually comes with a fee). I know that sucks, because it impedes the creativity of the video, but it’s a huge warning flag for labels and experienced industry folks (like me) when we see this. We make money for artists through monetizing YouTube, so to get a take down notice with a strike against the artist’s YouTube channel, or to get sued, is not a productive move for an artist trying to build a following or make money. Did I mention that I really like the video? When you sample someone else’s music, it can get really expensive. Having said that, Baby James is a cool song. With a proper budget (and sample clearance) it could be a single. All things considered, good job!

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