Introducing TENUTO.FM: A Search Engine For Instrumentals


TENUTO.FM Unveils A Search Engine for Beats

Feb 4, 2015 by Dhruv Garg

Artists, let’s not fool ourselves: it’s damn hard finding inspiration to make good music, especially when you have to listen to hundreds of instrumentals that squeeze our creativity dry. is a search engine for beats which aims to help you find the perfect beats for your project.

Hit the jump for more info. has a vast library consisting of both original and official instrumentals. Created exclusively for recording artists and music producers, is changing the way artists are discovering instrumentals for their projects.


The music industry is changing fast and Tenuto is at the forefront of revolutionizing how professional recording artists will find their instrumentals going forward. Artists need to keep up with advancing technology to improve the quality of their music and reach more fans. is designed not only to better meet the needs of artists, but also to innovate in the instrumental community. It is created by Producers, Artists and Engineers from the west and east coast who were frustrated with the lack of progress in current instrumental websites.


Key Features of


  • Smart Instrumental Playlists: Search by major artists like Drake, Kanye, Young Thug, Nicki Minaj to find the vibe you’re looking for in your next song. And narrow down by tempo to find the exact sound you need.
  • Official Instrumental Database: Search for any song’s instrumental like Meek Mill “Levels” or Drake “Headlines” to download for remixes and freestyles.
  • Artist Tools: Easily loop the instrumentals you like for better songwriting, and remove instrumentals you never want to hear again from rotation. learns about your tastes over time so it can recommend better beats the more you use it. Once you purchase a lease, it is accessible forever via your account. See all artist features.
  • Producer Tools: Do you make beats that you would like to add to Apply on the producer page. Unlike many other beat marketplaces, Tenuto has a stringent acceptance bar for the production they accept, because they want to keep the quality high for the artists. Over 100 producers have joined.


Be on the lookout for a mobile app soon!

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