February 23, 2024

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Video: Briana Brandy – The End @paRADise_livin5

Briana Brandy delivers the visual for her latest single, “The End”. I’m diggin’ her upbeat style, definitely one I’d like to see more of, but let’s see what our featured tastemaker says.

Hit the jump to see what Bigg B had to say about this post.

From Bigg B (@IAMBIGGB):

Briana Brandy wins on this in my personal opinion because she is sexy in her on way, she doesn’t have her ass out and she has an up beat flow…took me a minute to get into it…sounds like a good album cut but not a lead single… Whoever is behind her push this classy chick because she comes off as that and WE need that now!

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