December 6, 2023

#TastemakerTuesdays Featured Tastemaker: Sabrina Vaz-Holder @sabrinafvholder


Welp we’re back for another installment of #TastemakerTuesdays! This week, we have a beautiful woman by the name of Sabrina Vaz-Holder who will be reviewing the featured posts.

Sabrina has her hands in several different areas in the industry, all beneficial to the upcoming artist. First, she’s a writer over at,, and an intern at Elliot Wilson’s Respect Mag. She’s also a photographer, graphic designer and videogapher, and does freelance contract work for various businesses/brands. Not to mention, she’s also a producer for Sirius XM in DC. Needless to say, having her listen to your music today will be nothing short of a blessing. Who knows what could come out of it at the end of the day!

Oh, she’s also the wife of Quinelle Holder. That’s cute, right? They’re a power couple 🙂

Stay tuned to see what she has to say about the featured posts!

Follow Sabrina on Twitter: @sabrinafvholder

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