Track: Tek Force – New Game + Remix Featuring Mega Ran

Track: Tek Force – New Game + Remix Featuring Mega Ran

Track: Tek Force - New Game + Remix Featuring Mega Ran
Track: Tek Force – New Game + Remix Featuring Mega Ran

New Game +(Plus) Remix Ft. Mega Ran by TekForce

Tek Bio:

Tekforce, started out with a real love for hip hop from the time he entered this world. He had the benefit of having a big brother that played everything from Slick Rick to LL Cool J. This helped build a bond that would last his entire life. The one the group that planted the hip hop bug in him was: A Tribe Called Quest. When he heard their seminal album Midnight Marauders, it changed his world forever.

Fast Forward some years, and he started taking his music career seriously by creating tracks on his Playstation 1. A program called “MTV Music Generator”, gave him the tools to craft mini masterpieces  from samples and basic all kinds of music. His Emcee career began from this and he started to write to the songs he created…..

He has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. His love affair started with Atari, and still continues this day through Xbox One and Playstation 4. Tek, eventually started crafting songs about his gaming experiences that he’s had.  It began with his song “Level Up”, which is an autobiographical recount of his life through the different  systems he’s played.

As of now TekForce, is actively pursuing a Hip Hop career and making moves necessary to achieve his goals. His first album is going to be released in 2015 by the name of “Tek Support”.  Tek, also has a tribute album in the works dedicated to the original 1982 classic “TRON”, called “The LightCycle Chronicles”.With all the projects coming out and the promise of a bright future, 2015 is looking better than ever!!!!!!

The New Game + Remix, tells a bit of the story of how TekForce’s life was as a kid. There were times when friends may have been scarce, but games like Final Fantasy showed him how to keep moving, and things will work out! He’s joined by the Forever Famicom team of (Mega Ran & K-Murdock), to help him expand on the original song, and take it to new heights!

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