Track: Wade Drayton – R U Dwn | @omg_drayton

Track: Wade Drayton – R U Dwn

Track: Wade Drayton - R U Dwn
Track: Wade Drayton – R U Dwn

The Wade Drayton sound is what Hip Hop has been missing. Filled with elaborate metaphors and an ethereal cadence, Wade Drayton’s electrifying flow is unmatched in an era of music where everything sounds the same.

A St. Louis native, Drayton’s lyrical stories were his reality. Raised by an aspiring guitarist, he watched his father shed his dreams to provide for his family. But that fueled his passion and Drayton began drawing vast parallels between his dark melodies and the rough streets he roamed. 

With the release of his EP “D.O.V.:Dreams of Vanity” drawing near, Wade Drayton’s new single R U Dwn provides listeners with an alternative method to contemporary Hip Hop. His unorthodox rhymes serves a raw, unrefined truth sure to mesmerize audiences and captivate the hearts of authentic music lovers.  

Please Click Here to listen to Wade Drayton’s new single R U Dwn.

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