Guest Blog: New Single by Breezy and Tyga Discusses Their Favorite Things


The latest single from Breezy and Tyga’s new record is out and it’s all about two of Breezy and Tyga’s favorite things. The single, “B*tches and Marijuana,” just got the video treatment and it’s more or less exactly what you’d expect with terrific bass-heavy production and a nice appearance and verse by Schoolboy Q.

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The video has the squad doing what they do best, burning a metaphorical ton of blunts and then spending lots and lots of money at a strip club and we’re also treated to a tour of Schoolboy Q’s day-glo grow room. They’re joined by a bevy of video babes and a really weird old white guy and we’re not quite sure how he got into this party. The track is a straight club-banger produced by Nic Nac with a quick, bouncing bassline that recalls the of the song of the summer for 2014, “Loyal,” along with DJ Mustard’s production on Omarion’s latest hit, “Post to Be,” which also features Brown.

The celebration of women and marijuana definitely has an audience with the growing legalization movement in America and you know this spot is about to blow up all over California, not to mention Seattle and Denver. In this survey by, of those who copped to enjoying partaking in drugs before sex, more than a quarter of them preferred marijuana as their substance of choice. The same study said that weed is supposed to increase positive moods along with arousal and stimulation. Thus, it makes sense that Breezy and Tyga have a penchant for the Devil’s lettuce, but apparently the effects can be the opposite for certain people.

Brown is certainly hoping that the video will help give the single a second wind as it made its debut on’s rap airplay chart at number 25. It’ll have a long way to go as to blow up on the same level as “Loyal.” The 2014 single was a bonafide smash and reached number 9 on the Billboard Top 100. There’s a lot of potential for “B & M” and it certainly knows its audience if nothing else. With the acceptance of the pilled-out R&B of the Weeknd and the romanticized trap anthems of Fetty Wap, if there was ever a time for a song like this to make the leap to the pop charts, this is it. The official video is up on Brown’s official Vevo page. It’s not super NSFW but it does take place in a strip club and also features copious amounts of cannabis, so view it in public at your own discretio

Breezy and Tyga have both been in the news lately and not for the best of reasons with Brown blowing up on social media about his ex-girlfriend and Tyga putting out a raunchy new track called “Pleazer.” Tyga has claimed the lyrics of the song are about his former relationship with Blac Chyna and are not about his current girlfriend, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. For his sake we hope that’s true. However, to give the guy a tip, even if it’s not about her, hold off on the explicit sex raps until your girl turns legal and avoid yourself the headache.

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