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Aaaaand we’re back! Had to take a brief hiatus to get everything back on track, but we’re good to go now, and kicking the new #TastemakerTuesdays season off is today’s featured tastemaker, Chad Law. The name might only be familiar to some, but this man does it all, and has made a lot of dope power moves.

Chad Law is a media entity from Long Island, New York that can be found twice a week on-air via his two radio outlets – OWWR & Desert Storm Radio. As leader of the five-year running company We Are the Inner Circle, Chad is considered a well-known dry humorist host throughout the Tri-State. Chad has also helped connect some of the most relevant acts, from independent to cross-over, to his growing fanbase in Long Island – acts such as Problem from California, DeJ Loaf and Boldy James in Detroit, Manolo Rose and Tray Pizzy in New York, and plenty more! Below after the jump is a rundown of all We Are the Inner Circle offers its clients.

We Are the Inner Circle is a Long Island based Media/Placement company that also curates events, streams live radio shows, and sets blog placements up for brands and entities in-need of our methods of promotion. We’ve been active for five years strong with cosigns from Columbia Records, Coke Boys, Maybach Music, Mass Appeal Records, SpiffTV and Def Jam Records to name a few.

On Tuesday nights we hold the longest running creative artist expo in Long Island, NY called @TheEarWaxxSessions, every Tuesday straight since July 29th, 2014 we’ve acquired over 400 artists to touch our stage and gain an entire new Long Island fanbase that’s very hungry for new, quality content. 45 Tuesdays and counting.

Outside of the numerous sites we write alongside such as JackThriller.com, HipHopIsReal.com, CThaGodWorld.com, Dinner-Land.com, Itsbizkit.com, we do one-off events every month at various locations throughout the boroughs and Long Island. Our latest event was June 4th, the Brooklyn And Queens Festival with Manolo Rose & 2 Milly and more at Santos Party House which was a huge success. Our next one will be August 21st in Brooklyn at Lot 45 titled the Dear Summer Festival with Tray Pizzy.

This is a gist of what they can do for you and your camp on any given text message. While it may seem like we offer a lot, the turn-around time for the placements is what really has our clients most satisfied. We can get your content placed as soon as today. Some of our previous clients include independent artists such as JY, Quanna MC, Choppa Zoe, Slim Dollars, Nitty Scott MC, Kadeem King, Slim Skyview, Ace Is Working, Dutch The Dreamer, Kiyanne, WordSmiff, Niqa Mor, Sure Shot, Shaun Sutton, and plenty more stretching across the U.S.

Social Media: @ChadLaw – IG / @Chad_Law – Twitter

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