Track: JP One – Fire & Brimstone 2

Track: JP One – Fire & Brimstone 2


With the current state of hip-hop being about everything besides the music, it is refreshing to hear someone with a passion that burns so deep that you can feel the intensity when he steps inside the room. From the opening act of “Encore” to the closing scene of “Hope Dreams” ft. LaToyua Hart, there’s no lapse or slack in effort or execution.  In just four years, since being released from a nine year prison sentence, JP ONE has cemented his name amongst Detroit’s elite lyricists and his latest offering only adds to his legacy. With features from Elzhi, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Jovie (who took home the Lyricist of The Year award from the Detroit Underground Hip-Hop Awards earlier this year), this project lacks not in the lyrics department. Other guest features, Chel Strong, Pierre Anthony, 3D, and LaToyua Hart look more like breakout stars than extras in this beautifully written and directed motion picture. BJ Gates, Pig Pen, and Flamin’ Laces return from the first installment of the Fire & Brimstone trilogy (released March 9th) to create another great soundscape for one of the premiere emcees of our time to do what he does best, SPIT. This is exactly what the legends envisioned hip-hop to sound like in 2015. #WESTILLWINNING
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