J Gillie-“Elmhurst Since Birth” EP @JGillie302


The type you wouldn’t want to challenge in a cypher, lyricist J. Gillie reaches beyond ordinary. Cool Gang’s in the house! Not an easy listen, “Elmhurst Since Birth” is worth the concentration.  From J. Gillie’s latest EP listeners will find a field of wordplay. Beats that hop, influentially, decades and regions intrigue with sheer originality.”It’s Our Year” had to be the personal favorite, the intensity of Gillie’s delivery was a perfect match to the instrumentals. Five years into his hip hop artistry it’s clear to see the talent is present and that his efforts are not “Just For Practice”. Gillie speaks on his educational background and states there is no problem with questioning your position or wanting a better view. Check out his site www.JGillieMusic.com to find out more! Follow him now.

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