Video: D.Smith – I’m That Bitch | @TrueDSmith

“I’m That Bitch” is the catchy, irreverent, and club driven first
single written and produced by Smith.  “My milkshake brings the boys, my
milkshake brings the girls, you can say what you wanna think what you
wanna, but bitch I rule the world” brags Smith on the drum filled track.
“I just wanted to do something fun and carefree yet bold and it’s
honestly the mood I was in when I recorded it”, said Smith when asked
why she chose “I’m That Bitch” as the first single first from her fort
coming project.

While some less enlightened people may want to focus exclusively on
Smith’s gender identity as the main topic when discussing D.Smith, it
is those that have already experienced her musical talent and artistry
that understand that her gender identity is not what makes her unique as
an artist.  It is her multi-faceted talents as a singer, songwriter and
producer that resonate first and foremost.  “She” just happens to be

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