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Touch Of Daz- KUPOV
Touch Of Daz- Kumo Shai, KUPOV Visuals

Dance enthusiast and supporter of, site founder Darien (Dazzi) Talley has constructed an outlet for creative growth. spotlights cultural events, all forms of musicians, and visual artists. Becoming known for her sassy style and warm embrace of diverse talents, has many interested in her ability to dazzle.

First encouraged by her mother, Daz was electrified by dance as a toddler. With the confidence to move as music so grew the motivation for her voice to be heard. Well traveled and proudly familiar with the East coast, NY to NC, Daz rooted herself within UNCC hosting her own radio show. This capitalized on her strengths while promoting her interests within the culture of entertainment jump-starting her network of support.

Success of the radio show, and even its temporary suspension due to profanity, helped to make her objectives concrete. During the shows suspension Daz began video interviews where she realized her look and candid chemistry during interviews are an exclusive part of her brand. captures Daz’s amazing energy. As energy is only transferred, it is of course a goal of Daz’s to build lucrative partnerships with others, specifically more women within the industry. View the ART Party Tour interview with Distortedd  below. highlights underground hip hop culture and continues to support many events especially those located in her original home, Charlotte, North Carolina. Daz’s words are taken seriously. Her success will only continue, now writing for RESPECT. Magazine she embodies the control of her destiny. With continuous family support and brand recognition rising, supporting should be simple mathematics.

Spread your sound and message now by contacting Daz for placement. For information involving upcoming events, to collaborations , or to show support Dazzi, follow now and visit

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