Heavy Hitting Boxer Yahu “Rock” Blackwell Speaks At Press Conference

OKLAHOMA, CITY (July 23nd, 2016) – Cruiser weight Yahu “Rock” Blackwell and Christopher Renty are competing on Saturday’s RING NIGHT RETURN’S CHAMPIONSHIP  BOXING
The two combatant’s went face-to-face for the first time Friday at the press conference before they enter the ring on COMCAST SPORTS NET (CSN) from Sugar Creek Casino in Hinton, Oklahoma.
Televised coverage begins on COMCAST SPORTS NET (CSN) at 6 p.m. ET / 30 p.m. PT and features an IBU USA title fight between Carson Jones taking on TBA. Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by the World Boxing Union are on sale now. Ticket prices start at $35, and are available online at
Blackwell is very excited about the next phase of his career. This fight will be electric but also an emotional one, as he’s dedicated the fight to his mother Sandra Blackwell, who passed away last summer, due to medical malpractice, says his camp.
“I’m very excited about my TV debut. My time overseas has served me well. We have worked extremely hard, trained in over a dozen world class training camps, and we are ready to handle business in the ABC now,” Blackwell says. “The WBU is very important to me. I plan on being the organization’s undisputed cruiser weight champion.
Blackwell made his pro debut in 2009, but suffered a loss due to broken right thumb and life threatening levels of dehydration. He’s since earned victories in 15 consecutive fights over sea’s in the IBL, racking up 12 knockouts along, capturing a WBU Novice World Title. The way 29-year-old star has a bright future ahead within the sport.
Reporter: Hey champ, it’s a pleasure to meet you and chat with you for a min. How are you feeling about August 20th? Any predictions?
Yahu: It’s a pleasure meeting you as well. August 20th is going to be a great night of boxing, we’ve been working hard and preparing for this moment, we are prepared to fight.
Reporter: Sounds great man, I’ll be in attendance that night. Looking forward to seeing you get it on. Do you think the fight will go all the rounds?
Yahu: No I don’t, but boxing is the theater of the unexpected so we will see what happens August 20th.
Reporter: Take me threw a day of training, what does Yahu’s training days consist of?
Yahu: Normally we run in the morning, eat, rest a little. Then head out for strength and conditioning, eat again, then head to the boxing gym later that night. Everyday isn’t the same because the body needs rest, but that’s pretty much the normal routine.
Reporter: I hear that your a machine, your work ethic is insane. Is there any one you would like to shout out or acknowledge?
Yahu: Yes, shout out to Josh, Trea, Coach Goody, Andrew, Airloop, Coach John, and everyone who have supported and believed in me.
Reporter: Fantastic champ! The future is bright for you, many predict you’ll be one of the big faces of your division soon. Where can the fan’s find you?
Yahu: Thanks bro, working hard every single day. Everyone can follow me on Instagram @yahu_rockblackwell. Thanks


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