#TastemakerTuesdays Featured Tastemaker: Brianna DeMayo @Breezyb215


We’re back at it this week for #TastemakerTuesdays, and today I have the honor of having Brianna DeMayo, better known in the industry as Breezy B as our featured tastemaker this week. Breezy B is well known on many levels in the industry, and has contributed a lot to the indie community. She focuses on empowering independent artists with the tools needed to do what they love full time, via her company Exclusive Public. At Exclusive Public, artist development and public relations collide to mold artists into the best they can be, while simultaneously strengthening their brand and growing their fan base. Brianna also runs a music blog called Taste Creators where she aims to bring attention to the indies that deserve recognition.

The artists that are featured today will surely be blessed to be heard by Breezy B.

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