#TastemakerTuesdays: Video: Tamba Tongu – “I Will Survive (Get It)” @tambatongu

For our next #TastemakerTuesdays entry, we have an artist out of Los Angeles named Tamba Tongu. He drops off the visual for his “I Will Survive (Get It)” single. This is so fire, his style is dope and the production, handled by Chase Kuker, is different, but together they created something magical. Check it out.

From tastemaker:

The production mixed with Tamba’s flow is so. Damn. GOOD! The video is a bit odd with all of the dancing but it does serve a purpose as it makes you feel the beat a little bit more. When that sample drops in the hook? FLAMES. Tamba is nice and his message is simple: don’t let the haters matter. Go do you. I love it!

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