February 23, 2024

(News) A3C Partners With Savage Fam Productions and Soul Food Cypher To Set A New World Record


A3C with Savage Fam Productions and Soul Food Cypher is pleased to announce that at 4:45am on Sunday, October 9th, a team of Atlanta-area emcees and Soul Food Cypher members broke the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Freestyle Cypher,” which then stood at 12 hours and 2 minutes when it was set in January 2014 by the KJ52 Freestyle Team in Tampa, Fl. The DJs, supplied by Scratch Academy Atlanta, kept the beats flowing the entire 24 hours.

Spearheaded by Savage Fam, Alex Acosta, Wahid Koshravani, Markmont, and Eric “Zano Bathroom” Ludgood Jr., the team started their record breaking attempt at 3:45pm on Saturday, October 8, at Space 2 – one of A3C’s official venues in the historic Old Fourth Ward, the team then continued with the goal of setting a new record of 24 hours which they officially set just a few minutes after 6pm Sunday, October 9.

In the weeks leading up to A3C, Savage Fam and Soul Food put out a call to artists who would be interested in participating in the 24-hour freestyle with one caveat: Guinness’ only rule a cypher could not stop for more than 3 seconds.

Having established themselves as two of the foremost organizers working with the next generation of emcee’s in Atlanta, Savage Fam and Soul Food quickly narrowed the search down to a team of 15, which included Savage Fam Promo CEO Micxsic.

“About 10 hours in I wasn’t sure if this was genius, crazy, or stupid,” Micxsic said. “But it didn’t matter because we were all in it together and we weren’t gonna stop until we hit our goal.”

“The opportunity to be a part of this world record is amazing,” states Mike Walbert, Executive Director of A3C. “I’m in awe of what Savage Fam Pro and Soul Food Cypher have done and am just honored they decided to do it with A3C. The A3C Festival & Conference is the perfect platform for the cypher. Maybe 48 hours next year?”

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