[INTERVIEW] @NoShakeFilms Interviews Lalaa Shepard (The Progress Report & Femcee.net)

South Carolina blogger & videographer NoShakeFilms stopped by Atlanta, GA to speak music, politics, & grinding with Lalaa Shepard – the go-to source for Digital PR, Social Media Management, & Project Conception.

“Music is my everyday life and everything reminds me of music. I took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta in 2013 after graduating from Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio) with a degree in Public Relations & Business Management and began serving as an intern for the Coalition DJs of Atlanta.

My daily responsibilities included going from club to club ensuring that certain priority records were being played while helping build and maintain consumer relations. During this time period, I also worked as an assistant for several producers such as Dun Deal, Sonny Digital, Honorable C Note, Nard & B and several others.

Working in such untraditional work environments taught me self-discipline and time management. While building my name and brand, I taught myself how to shoot and edit videos, build websites, and I now partner with several major blog sites to offer exclusive and original content written and conducted by myself.

I have an interview series called The Progress Report where I speak to artists, producers, and taste makers about life, business, music and anything in between. My interviews are a way to showcase the personality and characteristics of new and upcoming talent and also a way to learn from legends. (Youtube/LalaaShep)

The Progress Report is original and organic and reminds me of the structure of Rap City The Basement as musicians are able to connect with me through conversations and shed light on their lives from a personal perspective.

I have a weekly radio show on Highly Unique Radio Station also called The Progress Report, where I connect hustlers and entrepreneurs worldwide from multiple industries.

I currently manage a Hip Hop duo named Blo5k, assist Dun Deal, and serve as a publicist for Yung LA, and several other independent brands and labels located in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston and the midwest area. Each client is treated with equal respect and services are personalized per client since no two people or brands are alike.

I pride myself on loyalty and my work ethic and ongoing commitment to being a role model for other young women to chase their dreams and define their own rules. I eventually wish to start an organization to empower young women and help build their self-esteem.”

Be sure to tune into Highly Unique Radio Station each & every Wednesday night 9PM – 11PM for #TheProgressReport with Lalaa Shepard.


www.Femcee.net Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBStOJ0yEoHKk6yjEYSa3zQ @LalaaShep


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