Bug$y & Slim K “Mr. Nothing (Chopped Not Slopped)”

Texas has given us many great things in the music industry. Chopped and Screwed is one of them as well as the Chopped Not Slopped sub-genre that has been popular thanks to Slim K and many others. In a collaboration that seemed destined from the birth of the song, Indianapolis, IN artist Bug$y gets the chopped not slopped treatment for his latest record, “Mr. Nothing” (produced by The Fatz). Bug$y tells us a story of the ups and downs of the music industry and playing the hand your dealt in life over a soothing guitar laced record. It becomes a song of beauty once the chorus hits thanks to the Houston tradition. This record drew inspiration from the movie Blow, where Johnny Depp recreates the tale of former cocaine trafficker George Jung.

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