“Modern Cleopatra”- @TheDanteRyan ft @SageTheGemini

It’s definitely gonna be a blazing summer! Bay Area singer/songwriter Dante Ryan debuts single “Modern Cleopatra“. Featuring multi-platinum recording artist Sage The Gemini, this Bakary Burner and Drew Banga production hypnotizes creating party playlist perfection. Joined with Empire Records, Dante Ryan is primed to release a new project later this month spotlighting his strong songwriting skills and vocal versatility. “Modern Cleopatra” encourages individuality and confidence, tapping Sage the Gemini to smoothly ensnare listeners into a feel good vibe. This youthful, positive track and upcoming project exhale the lively culture of the Bay. Keep an eye on Dante Ryan by following his social media accounts posted below. Join his fans the #LastHonestSouls and provide feedback with a quick comment here or participate in Dante Ryan’s #HonestMonday!


Instagram: @TheDanteRyan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedanteryan/

Twitter: @thedanteryan

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