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New Video: Freddy Soul – DUI Betrayal

Freddy Soul is a rapper from Orlando with a very unique and versatile style. He can go from hard bars to singing and just plain pop songs. This precisely is what puts him above many rappers in Orlando and in the country. Freddy is more than just an artist, behind the music, he has been working as a salesman for two years. He tries to implement his extensive skill as a sales associate into his music to persuade buyers and attract listeners. His storytelling is unique as he takes us through one of the worst times of his life. In his new video, “DUI Betrayal,” he explains the regretful feeling he has toward a former friend, and describes every single detail in this past story.

This music video is more than just any regular music video, it is a short film combined with ear soothing music and lyrics that explain Soul’s painful past. Soul clears his heart of hate and resentment by writing this song to express himself one more time about a very difficult situation. Freddy actually directed the video and edited himself, so everything you see in the video is a touch of what he wanted to portray. This is Freddy Soul’s second single. He has many more to come and multiple experiences to convey. There are many different color schemes in this video which are symbolic to paint certain feelings. Only after watching more than a couple of times, one would begin to understand why the main colors were used.

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