February 23, 2024

Video: Classic Hip Hop/R&B Records That Turned 15 This Year

You might not want to believe it, but it’s true – it’s been a full 15 years since Nelly was getting Hot In Herre and Ashanti was being Foolish, feel old yet?


I saw this on Facebook yesterday, and when going through the songs I was like wait…am I getting old?? 15 years??? sighs OK, but here are some standouts from 2001 (minus Aaliyah’s, I think they forgot that Rock The Boat actually came out in 2001.)

Ashanti – ‘Foolish’


Nelly – ‘Hot In Herre’


Nelly Feat. Kelly Rowland – ‘Dilemma’


Fat Joe Feat. Ashanti – ‘What’s Luv?’


Usher – ‘U Got It Bad’


Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti – ‘Always On Time’


Jennifer Lopez Feat. Ja Rule – ‘Ain’t It Funny’


P Diddy Feat. Usher – ‘I Need A Girl (part one)’


Mary J Blige – ‘Family Affair’


Eve Feat. Alicia Keys – ‘Gangsta Lovin’


Eminem – ‘Without Me’


Jennifer Lopez Feat. Nas – ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’


Craig David – ‘7 Days’


Missy Elliott – ‘Work It’


Aaliyah – ‘More Than A Women’


Eminem – ‘Lose Yourself’


City High Feat. Eve – ‘Caramel’


Ja Rule Feat. Case – ‘Livin It Up’


Mary J Blige – ‘No More Drama’


Aaliyah – ‘Rock The Boat’


Justin Timberlake – ‘Like I Love You’

Read more at http://www.capitalxtra.com/xplore/lists/songs-released-in-2002/#F6FWGWXJRtjTfy4f.99

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