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New Music: The Average Keys – Wav.Form

The Average Keys release their debut album. The album starts with a Radioheadesque beat much alike the track Black Swan on the track titled “Trip”, except the hip hop drums sound much better. This track creates a solid introduction to the album. The album mixes three different emcees styles fluidly and creates one of the first concept album I have heard that actually gets it right. Dan K has a sharp style that is easy to listen to for aesthetic purposes while discussing some serious material that blends perfectly with the production. Outrage brings a strong presence and his comfort on the microphone suggests a familiarity with the hip hop music scene and industry.  Ave brings a bass filled vocal range and all three of the members have lyrical quality is unmatched by most of the underground hip hop being circulated in today’s regions. This group seems poised to take the underground scene by storm, listen, watch and learn from The Average Keys.
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