New Video: C-Rod – Shows And Lights Features Chelsea Takami | @kidlifecrysis

New Video: C-Rod – Shows And Lights Features Chelsea Takami

The Rap game has a new emerging star on the rise and he goes by the name of C-Rod!
C-Rod a.k.a Crysis is a rapper from Flushing Queens New York , who connected with music after a very difficult road of death, violence, illness and despair hitting close to home multiple times!
C-Rod began writing rhymes in the sixth grade at the age of just twelve years old, and has nearly mastered his craft – with his incredible style of storytelling, clever wordplay and an impeccable flow, that undoubtedly defines C-Rod as a true emcee!
C-Rod’s gift is to share openly and without judgement — from depression, fear of death, religious beliefs and political views. There are topics explored in his music that is rarely heard in hip hop songs now a days!
C-Rod’s unique sound, skills and ability to express his life and beliefs over hip hop instrumentals has built him a reputation of a worthwhile rapper, who has earned respect and acknowledgement from the music industry.
C-Rod’s success and buzz is growing rapidly as he just dropped his third full studio project, “This Is My Apology Letter To God” and it’s already got a huge buzz online with over 200,000 views on YouTube!


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