Artist of the Week @MikeyyAustin Answers 5 Questions About Hip Hop

To close out out featured artist of the week, MikeyyAustin, I asked him 5 questions about the hip hop, and as expected, he gave thought felt answers. Check out what the Michigan native had to say below.

  1. At this current point, express your feelings about hip hop, the culture, and its influence.

I think hip-hop is where it has aways been, an evolving state. It continues to grow into different forms of expression and continues to reach new audiences. We often hear the debate of what hip-hop is and what hip-hop isn’t. But if you dig, you’ll find such a diverse sound. Thats what makes hip-hop so unique. One playlist can be conscious rap, while another is soulful-trap rap. This makes the influence expansive and multi-dimensional. And seeing how artist are finding ways to preserve the culture through artistic-expression is always amazing to see. Whether thats through content, the way we dress, or the visuals that come with songs, a lot of mainstream artist and underground/indie artist are using their platform to preserve our culture.

  1. What’s missing in hip hop, that you will deliver?

I think each individual rapper gets labeled one thing as their descriptor for the most part. “He’s a trap rapper” or “she’s a soul-emcee”. I know that I am more than a category and my sound helps me to have a wide lane. With that being said, I think a lot of artist create with that label in mind. I understand reaching to your audience and giving them what they want. But it is important to create from a sincere place as well. One thing I will continue to deliver is music that is real and sincere.

  1. Not your favorite, but name the top 5 rappers out now and why.

op 5 out right now in more of a mainstream light:

Kendrick Lamar: Kendrick has not put out a bad project in my opinion. And thats spanning from his mixtapes to now. To see his growth as an artist, it’s amazing to see him get the attention he’s deserved for so long.

Jay-Z: Hov is a testament to longevity. Not even looking at his past projects, but looking at what he’s done this year. He’s proven that as long as he makes music he’ll be in the “top” debate.

Drake: Although I wouldn’t label myself a Drake fan, but he is consistent and he understands what works. Because of that, he’s able to adjust his approach and put out music that will always sell.

Chance The Rapper: Chance is unique and has used his platform to engage audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and race. His high energy music is a refresher. He has made the soulful, high energy music more public, and has created space for more artist coming up to follow in that lane.

J.Cole: Cole deserves praises because he seems to be really self-ware. This allows him to use his platform to speak on personal things that listeners can also identify with and relate to. To be able to sell a lot with that approach is extremely impressive.

  1. What has been the biggest trial you’ve encountered while on your journey pursuing your career?

Patience has been a constant reminder for me. It is easy to see my peers winning and use that as negative versus allowing that to fuel the flames. Everyone wants to put something out and see instant success. But it rarely works that way, and for those that do experience that, they usually don’t last long.
So instead of hoping for over night success, I’ve been intentionally working on things that will set me apart. Whether thats playing instruments during live performances, the way I brand myself, and the content that I release. Instead of becoming impatient, I use my time to be productive and set myself apart.

  1. In one line, give the other independent artists some sound advice.

Do. Not. Quit. There are so many artist that have so much potential and can really make a splash but quit before experiencing that. Don’t make excuses, and don’t let fear or doubt slow you down.

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