Biggest Music Competition To Hit NYC: “Who Holds Da Crown”

  • We are holding one of the best Show-Cases of the year. What we are about is real hip hop. We are providing the world with real talented hip hop artist that represents there Boro.


  • This Show-Case is different from all the rest of the Show-Cases. Why are we different? Because we really care and we really take the time to get to know every single artist and to provide real opportunities, real advancement career wise for the artist’s


  • This Show-Case will be aired on TV, we will have major streaming outlets provided for our talent to provide maximum exposure for the artist’s


  • Artist will be required to register for our Show-Cases. They can do this online or in person at one of our Registration Dates. Registration is required to ensure the artist is taking their career seriously.


  • It is only $100.00 to register as a single artist which means only 1 person on stage. Acts that has groups, friends, crews and or a hype-man or anytime there is more than 1 person on stage with the artist the registration will be $150.00.
  • After Registration, each artist is given a fair chance to see who will be advanced to the next level or Round. Only the best artist from each Boro will advance to the next level. Each Boro will have an artist that will “hold Da Crown” and Represent their Boro as the best Hip Hop Artist in Their Boro. This takes the music industry back to real Hip Hop.


  • We will have a panel of Professional Judges, that are music industry professionals that will rate the talent and decide who progresses to the next stage. Artist’s will be rated by different criteria allowing judges to give them a total score. The artist with the highest scores advance to the next round.


  • Each Boro will have a Crown Winner that gets major exposure, sponsorship, prizes and Gift Bags and Also Music Promotional and Marketing packages.


  • Winners Will Also Be Crowned with a Gold Crown made of Real Gold Representing their Boro as the winner. They also have opportunities to obtain major Label Deals and Cash Winnings.


  • Each Boro Winner Gets a Real gold Crown with the name of their Boro embedded in the Crown and a 1,000 Cash Prize Winning and Gifts from our Sponsors. Not to mention you gain major exposure.


  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive $10,000 Cash Prize Winning! Their Championship Crown, Gift-Bags, Sponsorship and Major Exposure that is Life-Changing. A Chance at a major Record Deal and credits.


  • We will have Celebrity guest in attendance at our show-Case’s.


  • Our Show-Cases Will Be Streamed.


  • Our Showcases Will be fun with a Live DJ their spinning the music


  • Our Show-Cases Will have Food and Beverages.


  • We Will have Dance Crews Entertaining the Crowd


  • We Will have a live host entertaining the crowd.


  • We Will give Swag Bags away to selected audience.


  • There Will be raffles and a chance for the Audience to Win Prizes.


  • The Press and media will be in attendance. Capturing the artist’s performances.


  • Give yourself a chance to be seen, heard and part of the biggest Show-case in History. It goes down Right here in NYC. Don’t be left out.


  • If you believe you have skills register in our showcase to show the world what you are made of. This will be major publicity to artists to establish a name for yourself.


Artists can  register at or We are looking for the best Hip Hop artists in NY to register at our email is 917-983-7730

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