Jonny Hopkins – Thunder Dab Majerle EP

Hailing from South Florida, Hollywood to be exact, Jonny Hopkins has been making quite some noise in his area. From his last mixtapes “Lord Of The Dabs”, “Rap Game Willie Nelson”, to his recent videos, Jonny has been carving out his own niche. Teaming up with Yung Simmie’s 3B Music imprint and his management, Mr. Hopkins is looking into bigger better business going into 2018. He recently dropped his latest EP ‘Thunder Dab Majerle’ which includes features from Yung Simmie, Splash Zanotti, Prez P and more.

Speaking on the name of the project Hopkins shared, “I named my tape Thunder Dab Majerle because Thunder Dan Majerle was my first favorite Miami Heat player. I wanted to show him my respect and show respect to the city.” The EP contains productions from Flair Fifth, ill I.D., LAW and Reazy Renegade.

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