Rari Gang

Rich Double Ft Casino – Rari Gang

Being brought to a maximum-security federal prison is no place for any child to grow and become accustomed to their protocol, but that was life for Rich and his siblings. Through it all though, his father always provided beyond their needs and helped establish the strong work ethic that Rich Double knows what is required to make it not only in the rap game but also in life. Rich was born and raised in Florida. Life wasn’t all sunshine and palm trees like some would think when Miami comes to mind.

The struggle was hard for rich he came from the other side of the bridge Little-Haiti/North Miami. Rich wasn’t raised by his mother cause she got a federal charge for drug trafficking. This is why his dad had to step up and raise Rich and his 4 siblings all while working night and day as a cab driver. Rich dad maintained to keep food and a roof over his family head. But wasn’t able to be their with his kids during the day after school this is what caused rich to turn the streets. Rich older brother by the name of E-class was in a gang and thats who rich looked up to and wanted to be like.

“Rari Gang” is the first song to be released off the “Space God District 2” album.

Rich Double states, “Rari Gang is a term that my brother Kemal and producer Phresh came up with. It is a term of solidarity for us, like “I’m the gang, we the gang” and essentially “Rari Gang”. Rari Gang was so exciting and effortlessly to make. Even my write up for Rari Gang was unorthodox, I wrote my lyrics in under an hour and my producer Phreshman completed the beat in 5 minutes.

Coming off of our high with the electrifying beat we decided to go to the studio and work on it some more with the engineers, my Manager Archive Terrio reconnected me with Casino and we made a good song a hit. Casino listened to a couple of my other songs, but we all conceded that our hit was “Rari Gang” and he blessed Rari Gang with his verse. Essentially, “Rari Gang” is saying if imma do it big when I come up imma do it right and imma do it With the niggas I came up with.

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