Auggie Velarde – Ghost Emails @AuggieVelarde

“Ghost Emails” from Auggie Velarde is a song and metaphor for people’s hidden truths. Not everyone lives the life that they appear to live, especially so when people are in control of what they portray on social media. We all have secrets, we all have dreams, we all show others what they want to see. Some people hide all their lives. This song is for them.

Auggie Velarde is an avant-garde boy from the new era of contemporary music. Blurring the lines between genres and what it means to be an artist, Auggie incorporates technology, experimentation, futuristic aesthetics, and highly addictive melodies into his mysterious project.

By design, he keeps an anonymous identity – a true portrait of the digital age we live in, a world of bits and strings of code that flow through a network of entities that can hardly be described as humans anymore.

A musical representation of the Internet, Auggie’s lyrical content stays on a relatable level to those who enjoy escaping reality through the virtual. But the invitation is open to anyone interested in participating in a sonic journey to discover if the artificial can generate real emotions. Synthetic by nature, the project’s sounds have an electronic origin – before fusing with genres and taking a life of its own for each track.

Auggie creates songs that feel like passionate odes to the future – bridging the gaps between cyberspace and reality.

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